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According to the Affordable Care Act, businesses with fewer than 100 full-time employees are not required to provide health insurance. However, small business employers may receive tax credits that fluctuate in amount if they do provide insurance, depending on the options.

At Ana Baeza Insurance, we are dedicated to helping businesses with small group health care options. With our knowledge of insurance providers and rates that are applied in order to allow for small company health care, we can walk you through the process to ensure you provide the best coverage possible without cutting too deeply into expenditures.

While it is up to the insurance company to decide what the final monthly cost for your group health insurance will be, we do our part to make sure you only get the best coverage available. Our job is to provide the best for your employees that will leave them covered and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

Finding small business health care is a process of filling out applications and going through reviews. If you are a small business owner, it may be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out all the necessary steps in an effort to avoid tax penalties at the end of the year.

With one call to us, we will help you through the process when it comes to dealing with major insurance companies including:

• Aflac Insurance
• Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance
• United Health Care

While we are not the final authority when it comes to the coverage you are eligible for, we make sure that the coverage you do receive is the best for your small business and employees. For more information about small group health care in Midland, TX, please pick up the phone to call us right away.